The Enchanted Wood is a dream, a paradise that exists...


In Ostana, enchanting village in the high Po Valley,
the village of architecture and rehabitation of the mountainside
a natural balcony overlooking Mon Viso and its landscape
a living community of Alpine Occitanian culture
in a valley with an ancient history
that is energetically reinventing itself to become
the Mountain of the Future


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The Enchanted Wood is a natural, educational, philosophical nature trail
created in a real wood of oak, ash elm, maple and beech

the park is an attractive, clear, uncontaminated environment
a fascinating, invitng Wood where you can immerse yourself
in direct contact with Nature and Silence
to listen to the eternal sounds of the Wood,
the stream trickling, the colours of the flowers
and flavours of the permaulture garden

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In a renewed introspective dialogue with your own conscience
and the knowledge of an engaging, benigh  Nature

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The wood must be discovered in every season:
following animal tracks on delicate surfaces  in snowy winter
searching for colour among the tender leaves and the transparencies of spring,
walking in the mature vegetation of summer,
or in the delicate colours of autumn.

The wood keeps back charming surprises that we rediscover among damp logs,
even in slight rain or in those summer storms,
immersed in the fog that swallows up noises and paints the trees in new colours,
new, unexpected sensations of a universe about to be revealed.